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The Bold & Courageous Leader podcast brings resources to Christian marketplace leaders thirsting for a deeper connection between faith and work. Hosts Rhonda Peterson and Andee Marks provide insightful discussion, interviews with front-line leaders and those who have discovered unique ways of integrating calling and career, and reviews of current and classic leadership cultivating essentials. If you want to develop clarity and focus, a keen sense of time and energy management, and hone your God-given gifts to release your full potential, then this podcast is for you.
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Aug 4, 2016

Beth Boehr wears many hats; investment advisor, budgeting resource and author. God has impressed on her heart the need to share a message of developing your legacy, the practical nuts and bolts details that your family needs in times of crisis or losing a loved one, as well as the emotional story you want to share with your family to be carried on through the generations.

Love Legacy Ledger
Beth’s life journey includes losing her Mom as a young woman and her husband in her mid-forties. After these experiences, she felt God calling her to organize her own papers and documents. Through that process, she developed a product for others called Love Legacy Ledger. This book is about the practical side of life. As she developed the Love Legacy Ledger, it became more obvious that there was more to the story.

Love Legacy Letter
Love Legacy Letter is in the design process right now. This book focuses on the emotional side of life. What do you want to be passed on to the next generations from your life? Just as the Bible shows us, there are lessons and stories that were passed down through the generations…ones that we’re learning from today. The book includes a collection of probing questions to stir your mind and heart to remember. Sometimes it’s painful; sometimes it brings laughter, sometimes tears. We need to take time to express the emotions.

Lessons from Nehemiah
Learning her WHY helped her to understand her reason for this passion. Through studying the book of Nehemiah, she learned that we need to rebuild healthy walls in our families; we need to tear down the unhealthy ones and get healing. My big vision for the Love Legacy is a retreat center where you have opportunities to have intentional conversations with each other. We need a focused time to say our family is coming together to share our hearts, to let our hearts be heard.
She says, “God has given me a vision and I’m learning to trust him for the journey.”

For more information on Love Legacy Ledger or Love Legacy Letter, contact Beth!
Phone: 419-358-4146


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